Starting To Get Serious – Racing Soon!

Work has slowed down a bit so now the only thing staring back at me from my calendar is my run schedule. No more excuses on time. I have to start the Sunday long runs and hit my mileage goals.

Up until now, I’ve just been sticking the long runs in randomly whenever I could. And forget about the shorter maintenance runs in between. Maybe that’s why my knee is hurting so much. But knee injuries are bad like that… are they hurting because you are running too many days and not healing or are they hurting because you’re just doing long runs once a week and pushing your body too much? I don’t have time to figure that out. Sunday is 6.5 miles. At that rate I’ll be up to 11/12 miles the weekend before the race. That’s good enough right? Not gonna make any PRs that’s for sure. But right now the goal is to be able to drink post-race standing up rather than in a wheelchair. (Disclaimer:  I’m not an alcoholic. Disney Wine & Dine literally puts an alcoholic beverage in your hand after you cross the finish line.)

Also on the “must do better” list is getting up earlier for runs. Now that my runs are lasting an hour or more, I have to start much earlier or else it’s incredibly hot. Shooting for out the door at 7am. Brutal. Did I mention I gave up coffee again? Caffeinated tea does NOT produce the same effects, no matter what those chipper people at Teavana say.

So, to recap a boring post:  knee hurts, gotta add miles, gotta add runs, racing in 8 weeks, hot as Hades in south Florida right now.

P.S. Check out the picture of my FAVORITE run trail. That’s the start of it at least. More posts on that to come. Soflo running will never top that.

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