Overworked, Underrunned

Wow it’s been busy. And I’m not talking the regular “go to work, come home, go to school, come home, try to fit in family and a life and a run in between” busy. This is all of that plus another huge to-do thrown in. And that to-do has made all the others operate at around 20%.

That’s my long way of saying that I haven’t been running. I have forced in 2 “long” run days in the last 2 weeks. And since I’m operating on little sleep and being massively distracted and overworked, what was supposed to be a 6 and 7 mile set turned out to be a 5 and 5. Things should settle this coming week and then my ideal plan would be to ramp it up to 3x a week and adding miles to the long days. This will all just bring me bare minimum mileage before race day for Disney (the other race out of town seems to be out of reach at this point).

Knee hurting. Just ITB stuff so it’s a relief in a way. Flats doing amazing though. Threw on old old old (that means 3 run shoes ago… yeah I need to get rid of some shoes) pronation support shoes to go to the store in the rain the other day and arches and shins were in agony when I got home. I was pretty amazed. Same brand and same pronation support as I’ve always worn but after a month of flats working out well, it appears that going back would actually hurt me. Go figure. Were they that bad all along? I’ve done some good races with those supportive shoes. Gotta contemplate that some more.

Diet is shit too. It will be good for a week and then bad for a few days. Again, gonna crack the whip once this other major project is done. It’s so important to have the diet compliment the run. Otherwise you might as well not run (again, this rule doesn’t apply for the under 30 crowd apparently).


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