Running Diet Fiasco

Boy did I screw up. I don’t know where it really began. Someone mentioned a hamburger. Then my kid had some peanut butter crackers. Then I started running more. All of a sudden, my vegan/elimination diet seemed like a bad idea. What sounded like a good idea was a huge burger, washed down with a few spoonfuls of peanut butter!

I’m coming off a 24 hour bender of red meat, cheese, coffee… lots of coffee… and everything else my previous plan held as off limits. I’m pretty impressed (and disgusted) at how I was able to craft each meal with as many forbidden foods as possible. And, even coming off a solid run for the first time in weeks, my whole body feels the toxic effects of the food I’ve been eating. You think, hey, I’m running well again so I can go back to my old ways, right? WRONG. I had convinced myself that I needed to go back to my old eating ways now that I was getting back into my old running plan. Turns out that was a mistake.

So what happened? Iron deficiency. That’s all I can come up with. You know how good vegans supplement their non-meat diet with all kinds of beans and green vegetables to get their iron and protein etc? Well I wasn’t doing any of that. I was eating fruit and quinoa only, even though the elimination plan allows for much more variety. Realizing this, I should have just corrected with supplemental food. Instead I went nuts and I’m paying the price. I honestly feel like shit.

I used to eat like this all the time during training but now, after my detox, eating this way is making me want to wretch. Is this another side effect of getting older? Having to watch what you eat in order to train effectively? I’m not that old! What, you turn 30 and all of a sudden you are having to throw back vitamins and beet juice to run?! …. fine. Pretty much I’ll do anything to keep running. Mmmmm… beet juice. Yay.

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