New Kicks!

Yup, got me some new shoes today. When you’re depressed about injury and being behind in your training, nothing can make you feel better (and more hopeful) than buying a new pair of shoes.

The spouse swears by Vibram five-finger shoes. I’ve always been a skeptic. But with all these knee injuries all of a sudden, I’m desperate. Went to the local run store and thought I’d try some on. Long story short, the Vibrams don’t fit my feet well. The kid working the store told me I should try on a pair of Saucony natural runners. Handed me a pair of Virratas and they felt pretty good. Then the kid tells me about some inserts to spread the pressure and out comes the wallet to try and pay my problems away.

The store has a 30 day return policy on the shoes and inserts (Aetrex) so the pressure is on to get some miles in these next couple of weeks. I’m excited to try them out but pretty nervous as well. If these don’t work, then what?

Wish me luck!



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