Happy To Run, Hate Starting Slow

Took the advice of a friend and went really slow, small strides, and short distance the first day I was able to run on my knee again. On one hand I was so grateful to be able to run. On the other hand, I was so bummed that I couldn’t do a 6 mile loop like I was supposed to be doing that day.

I’m just thankful I was able to go at all. I didn’t even bring my GPS watch because I was sure I’d take a few paces and have to turn right back around. Instead it felt ok, with a twinge of pain around what I think was the 1/2 mile mark. All in all I think I did 2 miles with only a few twinges of pain. SUCCESS.

But what I failed to do was stretch my ITB because I was so focused on the issue of the other pain in my knee. Now my ITB is sore as hell and I’ve been on the roller all day, which the kids love. They tell me their knees hurt as well so I have to take turns with them while they roll out their little legs. I’m pretty sure they think it’s standard for all parents to roll around with huge foam rollers and to always need medicine for ouchies. Nope, that’s just me kids. I’m a wreck.

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