UNBELIEVABLE!!! – The Story Of My Bum Knee

Tried to start my run plan for the half I want to run in 2 months and I didn’t even get 50 ft before a sharp pain went up through my knee into my thigh. WONDERFUL! YES!!

I can’t frickin believe this. I have never had knee pain outside of ITB pain so what the hell is this?! Went out the next day and same thing. Could not believe it. That’s when I made the appointment with the orthopedist. Only they can’t get me in for 2 weeks. In the meantime, I’m icing my knee and taking Ibuprofen, both 3x a day, as per instruction from my spouse’s internet search. Sigh. Look, it’s all I’ve got and it’s better than just stewing about it until then.

Also, I’m going back to that elimination diet again. Between summer vacation and being out of town for work, the diet went to heck, taking my body with it. If that Clean Program diet is all about reducing inflammation then that’s what I need to be on. Welcome back to the world of 2 shakes a day and a 95% vegan diet.

Gonna take 3 days rest and then try the knee out again. If that doesn’t work then it’s off to the orthopedist for x-rays. Really not up for that option but I’ve got far too many races lined up, and soon, to let this go unchecked.

P.S.  When did everyone start ice bathing? I look up icing running injuries and it’s like every person out there comes home and jumps in a tub of ice! Maybe it’s because I’m from Florida but that seems like torture to me. Sit and freeze on purpose?! … I might try it.

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