Supercharging The Motivation Factor

I couldn’t be sure if it was my knee that kept me from running or my deflated motivation. But when I started eying a race that starts in 2 short months and I’m way behind schedule, all of a sudden I started to get excited and I knew right then – damn, it was my motivation.

Been away on business. Not that it mattered because my knee was shot. I was blaming spin/cross training for the longest time. Then I started thinking it might be my slacking on the ITB stretching. After busting out the foam roller and giving it a go, I realized that, yup, that’s it all right. You get lazy about your stretching and your rehabbing and it comes back to bite you. Still, it was mainly a motivation problem. If I had been motivated, I would have figured out the knee problem earlier.

Ok, here’s the deal on the race… it’s a destination race. I have to go out of town again for work so, as usual, I look up any and all races in a drivable radius of the city. Lo and behold there was a great half going on that weekend! That’s when I realized that it was only 8 or 9 weeks away and I haven’t been running and my last run was only 4 or 5 miles. But with that conundrum came the motivation. I still can’t seem to get into races where I’m not trying to better someone else’s time or where I’m racing against the training calendar or where ‘m otherwise challenged outside of the box. I have the Disney Wine and Dine coming up in November but that’s not getting me out the door. This race in October, on the other hand, is.

We’ll see. Gotta figure out the logistics to make sure this can happen. Also gotta try out the knee and rehabilitation routine to see if it’s even possible. I’ll run Disney no matter what, but I won’t run a race 1 month before it if I’m injured.

Alright that’s it for now. Pretty damn stoked about this. You know how you wish you could buy motivation in a can? Maybe that’s not possible but you can buy it online for $95 a plane ticket.

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