Sunblock Sucks, But Getting Up Earlier Sucks More

The plan was to get out of the house at sun up and do maybe 9 or 10 miles. But when the kids got us up at 630, I just knew it was going to take at least 3 cups of coffee and a LOT of mental affirmations to get me out the door.

So because I delayed so long in getting out the door, the sun got high and then I had to bust out the sunblock. Which SUCKS because, ok, I feel like it jinxes my run, but also it stings my eyes all day long. It’s as if I unknowingly rub it into my eyes during my run. I purposely tried to pay attention to it this time, but I started going spacey after about mile 7 and I can’t remember much. Probably something to do with not eating breakfast.

Pre-run I had 2 large coffees with sugary creamer, coming off a night of bread and beer, so I thought, eh, I’m good. Took some GU shot blocks with me and it worked. But yeah, you get spacey with that kind of diet plan going on. Plus, I wasn’t sure how many miles I’d be able to do so it sucks to carb up for a long morning run and then only end up doing 4. I dunno. I gotta figure this out. This is what happens when you keep winging it without a plan. I was anti-running for a while, now I’m anti-plan.

Interesting moral of story is that you CAN do a 10 mile run without eating breakfast and still make decent time. Just power up on coffee with sugar and take a GU pouch or blocks with you. And station water somewhere. As long as you had a good dinner the night before (not necessarily bread and beer, but it works), you will have the energy to crank out at least 10 in a respectable time. Oh, and sunblock stinging your eyes all day long is still better than generating motivation to run 10 miles at 7a.m. on a Sunday morning.

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