Calorie Counting App Messes Up Run

Made a pretty stupid mistake yesterday in my run-eat plan. Confused total calories for the day with the right calories needed for a run. End result: Hardest 6 miler I’ve ever run.

Funny how this all seems so clear at, say, mile 2 of what was supposed to be an 8 mile run. Why don’t I have these moments of clarity during the day? Eh, because I’m too lazy and too distracted with everything else. When you’re out running, it’s a great time to push away all the cluttering, chaotic thoughts and just focus on one concept at a time…. like how I’ve screwed up again in some way again.

I’ve been using a calorie tracking app (LoseIt) to help me control my calorie intake and calories burned so that I can drop another 20 lbs. Yeah, I dropped the aforementioned 20 from the injured-and-can’t-run days, but I want another 20 gone so that I can really kick out some distance and new times. The app really helps. But it’s also making me neurotic and obsessive. I’m pretty sure I’m on the thing more than people spend on Facebook every day. I gotta say though that it keeps me from throwing back unneeded calories and gets me out the door to run more. All for $1. What trainer can do that for me!

But here’s where I made the mistake – I let total daily calories dictate that I should get out and run because it said I was over my daily max. Problem was, I was over my daily max because I had eaten too much fat and fatty protein. I get out on my run and feel like my body is lead. That’s when I realize I’ve barely had any carbs all day. Whoops. Kinda need those carbs to push out an 8 miler. Lowered it down to 6 (only because I had already gone out 3 and had to come back 3).

Gotta get this calorie in – calorie out thing figured out. Such a headache. Isn’t the actual long distance running hard enough already?

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