Zero to Eight

Started running. A 6 mile here. An 8 mile there. It feels good. I miss it.

Also signed up for, um, 3 races. It just sorta happened. Peer pressure on the first (Disney Wine and Dine… formerly on my Wine and Done list), guilt on the second (Miami Half… don’t even want to talk about this one), and a random thing I can’t explain on the Fort Myers Beach Half. Cheap price maybe? I’m sick and tired of halfs costing $500 these days. So $50 seemed really reasonable. Almost like I’m doing it on principle.

Back to the 8 miler the other day, man, I’ve missed it. It felt great. Not sore. Didn’t do much prep. Had to go station my water at the turnaround point since it’s getting hot here in soflo but didn’t have a new bottle in the car. Instead grabbed a water bottle that my toddler had been drinking from, and spitting back into, the day before. Disgusting but it was that or no water. What can I say? All very last minute and I powered through it. Actually bothering me more now to talk about it than it did to drink it. Ok, anyway… it was hot, tons of tourists, but it felt great.

Also feel good that I don’t have to start at square one. Not sure where I’ll start now. Gotta formulate a plan. Later. Just not ready to get into run plans, mentally.

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