Running Hiatus

I’m still here. I’m just not running. I don’t even want to know how many of my last posts have been me talking about not running. It would just depress me.

Thing is, I needed a break and it feels good to take one. I am thinking about doing the big ol’ Marine Corps Marathon in October and I know I won’t train well if I’m burnt out on running leading up to it. I’m going to rest it up a little while longer, work on losing 20 lbs (yes, I have that much to lose still), and then gear up into marathon training again.

I know I want to get back into running but my mind isn’t into it right now. I feel like I’m missing the fire that gets me out there. But, if you enter, it will come. Right? I dunno, I’m not even sure about that anymore. The MCM is a bit unnerving. Would that make me train better or make me not want to do it at all? Should I shoot for a local marathon instead? But, I always think if you’re going to do a marathon – go big or go home! Why do a full marathon here in some rinky dink race when you could do the MCM?

My current plan is this:  lose 20 lbs to make my running easier and more enjoyable, do a 30-day squat and situp challenge to strengthen my IT Band and my back, lower my caffeine intake (so that when I drink it before a run I actually feel it for a change), and just take a break from all run planning for a bit.

Probably gotta start the marathon training in May to be ready for October. But figure I’ll start in April just to give myself some leeway.

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