Running Sick

Yep, I’m sick. Some northern tourist hacked all over me a few days ago and lo and behold, now I’m sick. Got her nasty Canadian germs all over me. Yeah, I said it! Florida was germ free until the Canadian tourists brought it down with them! (Ok, not really… but possibly)

So thanks to Mrs. Maple Leaf, I can’t go running today. And I really needed it. I know hard core runners would run on a cocktail of meds and with limbs falling off, but I’m not that person. I won’t even run if I see a bug out my window. And the meds are quite sedating besides. I run slow enough as it is.

Kinda wondering if running would actually make me feel better though. Kind of a sweat the toxins out kind of thing. Well someone else can tell me about it since I’m probably not going to try it out for myself today.

Yes, talking about running today after I just wrote about quitting running is definitely schitzo. But whatever, I want to run. 😦 Always want what you can’t have eh?

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