Status Update After Long Hiatus

I gave up running. I was serious. I told all my friends. My family. My spouse. Myself. I was GIVING UP RUNNING!! I was burnt out. I missed Miami. I didn’t do Tampa. It all seemed over and bleak. I even started spin classes! All the while professing, yep, I’m a spinner now, not a runner! HA HA Stupid Running!!

And then, I don’t know what happened really. I thought, well, when I do start running again, I don’t want to start at square one, so lemme just do a 4 miler… you know, for maintenance. Then I was like, well, it’s not killin me to do one long run per week is it? And maybe if I add a mile or two each week…. Next thing I knew, I was doing 7 mile runs that felt easy and did not annoy me either.

Now I’m eying races again. Why can’t I just run for running’s sake?! I figure, well if I’m adding mileage anyway then I could be up to 13 miles by the Sarasota Half race in March. Why not just show up? Do a PW (personal WORST), grab the medal, and consider it a 1300 calorie burn for the day? Boom. No big deal.

So that’s where I am right now. Not able to give up running, but not exactly going at it from a runner’s standpoint either. And my IT Band is killing me, probably because I refuse to do “runner stuff” like stretch, massage post run, fuel and hydrate appropriately, etc. That would imply that I’m a runner right now, and I’m not. I’m just gonna keep at this until I decide to quit again. Or until I can’t walk. (Does limping count? Cuz that’s my current physical status.)

I still spin though. Gotta break up the monotony. And what a calorie burn! Damn. Thought I was in shape til I hit a spin class.

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