Miami… why can’t I quit you?

I don’t want to run Miami. I’m so damn busy lately. Work, school, kids… it’s extremely hard to get away. More than that, it’s been extremely hard to find time to train. I’m just doing the long runs on the weekend, and even those aren’t really great. Run slow and finish sore. Amazing what a 7 week hiatus does to your body.

Had a few people originally doing Miami ING with me. One by one they dropped off. Really lame excuses too. Like my doc friend having to go to some stupid training conference. Another friend pulled a back muscle. Then another friend has a stress fracture in a knee. Give me a break! A bunch of weanies! I mean, I’m the one with a good excuse! I’m BUSY. Um, but, you know, doing important stuff…. like, well, I have some really difficult homework to do.  And, I really need to clean up the house.

I still have one pal I’m trying to convince to drive 11 hours to do the race with me. Sorta. Half the time I’m saying how much I don’t want to run myself. We’re gonna make the final call a few days beforehand (it’s in 2 weeks!). Got the stupid hotel booked already and everything. Excellent location right at the start line in Downtown Miami. Can’t get closer. So why am I being so lame about this?

Chance of doing Miami ING in two weeks – 50%. And ONLY because I want that damn medal. Also because I’ll feel like a loser to not run when I have a race entry.

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