Running On Fruit – Let The Resolutions Begin!

Yeah, I went all cliche on the New Years resolutions and put dieting on the list. But not just any diet. I want to run on fruit.

My previous running diet was successful. I lowered the calories, ate lean proteins and complex carbs, and didn’t overeat on long run days. It worked. I dropped a bunch of weight. Felt good. Ran well. And thennnn the holidays happened. Hey, I don’t regret it. So what if I drank a gallon of eggnog a day? I was carbo loading for my next 12 mile run, which would be tomorrow. Or the day after tomorrow. Or maybe in a couple days….

Turns out the eggnog and holiday treats kept going down the hatch but the miles didn’t get logged. That’s a nice way of saying that I sat on my fat tail and took the holiday season off. But back on point, my resolution is to use fruit as my carbs instead of eating wheat toast, tortillas, or crackers. This kills two birds with one stone. It combats my crazy salt addiction and it allows me to satisfy my pre and post run hunger pangs with something that fills me up and doesn’t add pounds.

I would just like to add that I hate fruit. As in HATE fruit. I would be happy eating salted crackers the rest of my days. I prefer to NOT eat than eat a piece of fruit. But in order for the runs to get better, the runner must be lean. The runner must NOT run on eggnog or bowls of rice with gravy. So here goes nuthin. Frozen fruit smoothies, organic apple snacks, and cottage cheese/cantaloupe/strawberry/grape medleys await.

Oh, and I even bought a recipe book for smoothies. The spouse can come up with great concoctions but every time I experiment with a blender it tastes like crap.

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