I Cheated On Running

Snuck out of the house in the dark this morning to meet my mistress – the elliptical machine. Boredom, repetition, and a need for something different finally pushed me to do something I thought I’d never do. Go to the gym. In the morning. With the commuters. In the first week of January. With all the New Years Resolution-ers.

It was kind of exciting at first. At least the thought of it was. But then, as I’m there treading air in place with a million other people, I realized that I missed running, that I was wrong, and that I needed to go back. Later on I’d compare it to a picture of an astronaut I saw strapped in to an aerobic machine to exercise in space. It seems an extreme thing to do, to purposely exercise in one spot like that. It’s not natural. Even though I did it every day in my college years, now it seems really strange and foreign.

Running sometimes sucks. And you do get burnt out. But elliptical is worse. Anything in the gym is worse. It’s stifling. I know it may be necessary for people blanketed under winter snow, or in big cities where it’s not advised to run alone at 5am. But here in sunny ol’ soflo there’s really no excuse to not get outside (except bugs, but don’t get me started on that again).

*sigh* FINE. I’m going to stick with running. I guess. But I’m gonna fume for a few days about how running is the only exercise you can do if you want to maximize time with the most intense workout. Feels like I’m stuck running rather than making a happy choice to run.

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