New Year, New Plan?

I need a new plan. A huge reason I haven’t run, even after exams were over, is because I’m over the same ol stuff I was using to train before Disney. I get burnt out when I do the same damn thing every day.

I envy the people who are still training hard from October through February. It’s a tough stretch on which to try and remain focused. And since all the big races are in the fall,  generally before the holiday season starts, I bet a lot of other people drop off around this time too. Not just trying to make myself feel better. All my friends are reporting the same thing.

Basics of new plan:

1.  Find/run new route!

2.  Run in a.m. to ensure runs

3.  Get back on run diet (read: no high sodium, no alcohol….)

4.  Purge unused running gear

5.  Make countdown to Miami with runs mapped out

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