Morning Running – The Worst Thing Ever Invented

Sorry but I’m not a morning runner. I wish I was. But who the hell is that energized at 0’dark thirty? I don’t mean 9am running. I mean 6am running. Whole different ballgame.

If you’re like me and have to work, that means you have to get up REALLY early in order to get the run in and get back, showered, changed and ready to go. In the winter months you have the darkness to consider. Around here, you can’t even see where you’re going until around 630, and then only barely. And since weekly maintenance runs are only 5-6 miles each, that’s under an hour before I’m back and ready to go. See, in theory this all works perfectly! By 730am every day you are DONE with your workout and can happily check off running from your to-do list. Brilliant!

Onnnnly that’s never how it goes is it? I’m tired in the mornings. If I am to be out the door at 630, then that means waking at 545. Yes, it takes that long for me to get in motion, get my coffee, get my gear on and screw around with my annoying GPS watch. And no, I’m not that lazy. I’m just still getting up with an infant every night.

Then, say I do get out successfully on time. I’m such a slug that I’m doing maybe 12 minute miles from the outset. Not exactly conducive to getting my ass back to the house by 730 is it? And just cuz I wanna nit pick here… morning playlists are a bit tricky too aren’t they? I don’t know about you but I’m not really up for Wiz Khalifa blaring in my ear at 6am. But I can’t listen to slow, soft morning music either because then I really won’t get the job done. See all the issues here?

But what morning runs do give you are sure things. You WILL get it done, because usually there aren’t unexpected derailers that hit you before 630am (as I write this I think about waking up to my toddler painting the room with poo). And traffic is light on the run route at that time so there’s a sense of privacy and solitude that a lot of runners like myself cherish and don’t find anymore. And it does prepare you for morning races right? And then I don’t have to get the kids up and ready! Won’t mention this bene to the spouse though.

Ok, let’s try this!

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