I’m Still Here… Just Not Running

What – Happened? After the Disney race, I just stopped running. I have a lot of reasons (*cough* excuses) and I don’t really feel bad about them, but I need to get back and FAST.

Came back from the race and launched into finals for school. I was spending so much time studying that I did not have a second to run. And I’m not saying this like every other American says “Oh, I don’t have time to workout” and then spends 3 hours watching late night tv. I’m talking I was spending 7 hours a day studying AFTER work. But I digress… the point is that the running stopped and that’s how it had to be.

But did it have to be that I stopped running AND wolfed down rice and bread every night? Oh wait, I was in carb recovery from my half… for a month. That’s how long it takes to recover your stores – a full month of nonstop carb eating with abandon. Betcha didn’t know that. So also add 15 lbs of regained fat courtesy of not running and holiday junk eating.

Let’s just call this what it is – SQUARE ONE. Sucks. But that’s where I’m starting. A few times recently I tried to get out there and a storm or swarms of biting bugs stopped me. And if you’ve read this blog before, I got a thing about lightening and blood sucking insects. Can’t do it. But I also have Miami ING coming up in 4 weeks so I have to start running. Figured… if I blog, it will come.

Got 4 long runs to get in before Miami. Possibly, if it’s not as bad as I think when I start back, I can do the Naples Half the weekend before too. I was going to do a 12 mile training run that weekend anyway. May as well grab a medal for my troubles. This is all very optimistic of me, but let’s start there. With optimism.

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