Post Race – Lethargic, Directionless, Unmotivated

It’s bad. I’ve been sitting around eating a steady diet of bread and rice, sausage and cheese, just a bunch of junk that makes you feel like shit after you eat it. I haven’t run since the race. And I didn’t run a week before the race. Basically I’ve taken over a 2 week break at this point. Pathetic. But instead of changing it, I’m wallowing in it.

I’ve lost my motivation. Sure, I’ve got 2 half marathons lined up in January and February, but they aren’t doing it for me. Halfs are just easy. Now that I’ve bounced back from my initial injury, I’m back to thinking halfs are not a big deal. I do need to get my time back in order since I’m still pretty slow, but “improving my time” is not enough motivation to get me out there right now.

I’ve been this close to signing up for a spring marathon. It’s insanity. I told myself I wouldn’t do another one. Sure, I thought about doing Chicago next year but that was different. I told myself I wouldn’t make marathons my thing. It’s too hard on the body, right? It’s just too severe to make it a regular thing. And by regular I mean more than one a year. But I kinda think it’s what I’ve gotta do. I’ve searched myself and nothing BUT that will get me off the couch after work, or up at o’dark thirty on the weekend.

Now I need a marathon. I’m thinking April. Not a great time of year to find a ton of marathon choices though. Oh, and I’m going on a 1 week vegan detox. Gotta do it. I feel sick. Need to start doing weights too. But I feel like I won’t start any of that, weights or running, until I put a solid (scary) goal on the horizon to kick my ass out the door every day.

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