Disney Wine And Dine Half: The Pros And Cons

Finished this race thinking one thing:  Never Again. Spent the next 24 hours whining and complaining to all my friends about it. Eventually saw the light and realized there were lots of nice things about the race too. Also realized that I’m just a grumpy racer.

Here are some of the Pros and Cons as I saw it and as my race buddy saw it. Our “spectator” (aka my spouse) didn’t have much input since he was busy drinking and eating at Epcot, waiting for us to finish. To him the whole thing was a great time. Nothing like meeting up with your drinking, partying spectator when you can’t walk and are in a foul mood from a 13 mile race that you weren’t exactly in the best shape for.


1.  Wine And Beer And Margheritas Put Into Your Hand At Same Time As Your Medal

2.  Visually Amazing Race Route On Miles 8 Through 11 (just when you need it)

3.  Easy Access To Disney Park Bathrooms Along Route (who stops during a race? nevertheless it’s there!)

4.  Great Box Of Free Snacks At Finish Line (crackers, cheese, chocolate, lemon candy)

5.  Perfect Race Temperature

6.  Pre And Post Race Transportation To Vehicles Worked Like Clockwork – Very Easy

7.  Gel Station At Mile 7 (I think… somewhere around there)

8.  Characters On Course (my race buddy put this in the negative column, but hey, it’s a happy visual at every mile)

9.  Coffee And Snacks For Sale At Start Line (nice, since you’re waiting there for HOURS)

10.  Each Corral Gets A Firework Sendoff At The Start


1.  Bottlenecking Race Route!!! (nightmare, when you’re behind 11,000 runners who are slower than you)

2.  Two-Three Hour Wait At Start Line (if you used the Disney bus transportation, which we did)

3.  LOTS Of Walkers On Course (another nightmare, since they didn’t stick to walking on the right side, so you had to bob and weave around all of them the entire way)

4.  Much Of Race On Highway Between Parks Rather Than In Parks Themselves

5.  Race Shirt – Forrest Green Long Sleeve…. Odd Color. Ugly. But Maybe An Ode To Bacchus? Nature? I’m Stretching It Here. (*UPDATE* I’m liking my shirt more and more… that forest green grows on you)

6.  Winding Chaotic Finish Line

7.  It’s A Chick Race (seriously like 90% middle age chicks, not necessarily a “con”, but I’m just sayin’… see #3)

8.  Characters On Course (did I mention my race buddy hated this? *note to self – get race buddy PRE-race beer)

9.  Food At Epcot After Party Not That Great (There. I said it. Sorry but I was just underwhelmed. Spouse thought it was “amazing” though. I just wish I could have scored another free snack box.)

10.  Must Wear After Party Wrist Band During Race (This didn’t bother me but it may bother some people.)

I’ll write more details later. Just wanted to get this down before details become a distant memory.

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