Race This Weekend

Funny how you obsess about an upcoming race but then, in the days leading up, you’re too busy to think about it at all. Been busy with the kids. Busy with school. Work. Birthdays. Everydays….

I’m trying to regroup now and focus a little mental power on race day issues and strategies. Sure, mainly you just show up and run, but there is still a lot to consider. Gotta make sure to pack all my race stuff. But what IS my race stuff? I still don’t even know what I’m wearing or which shoes I’m using. I’m out of GU Chomps. I haven’t planned out my pre race meal, which means I haven’t bought anything to bring with me. The list goes on and on.

What the heck is wrong with me? Is it self sabotage or just nerves forcing me to mentally check out?

Ran 12 miles the weekend before last. Went pretty well. But of course I always worry about a random misstep or injury on race day. Yeah, I’m paranoid like that. And pace was ok, but a lot slower than pre injury. So I have no idea what race day pace will be because I didn’t really push myself on long run days.

Don’t know what else to say. Hope I don’t screw up too badly on Wine and Dine.

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