Running – 10% Physical, 90% Mental

Whoever said running is 90% physical 10% mental is mental themselves. Running is such a mind game. The physical part is the easiest, aside from major injuries or rehabilitation. But when your head is pumping out negative chants your entire run, tell me how that’s only 10% of the equation.

It started as soon as I woke up… in the dark…. after 5 hours sleep (a LOT for me)… to run 10 miles…. with no good playlist…. and with only Cheerios to eat. All of this had me thinking this 10 miler wasn’t happening. Why? Because I’m a high maintenance runner and I whine and complain when things aren’t perfect.

The unbelievable happens and I actually get out the door, only to be hit with the negative thoughts 5 minutes out. I was so convinced I would quit and turn around before the 1 mile mark that I didn’t bother to set my GPS watch. But then I started fighting back. “Hey, it’s only four 2.5 mile runs. What’s 2.5 miles? (x4).” Then there was the sunblock. I hate putting on sunblock. If I quit now, I’d have to put on sunblock AGAIN when I made up the run. F— that. Might as well give it a shot… for the sake of the sunblock. The rest went as follows:

1 mile mark – Hey, look at that. Arch pain gone. Guess I can keep going… a bit longer. To mile marker 2 tops.

2 mile mark – Eh, not so bad. If I go one more then that’s a 6 mile run today (3 out, 3 back). That’s respectable. No shame there.

3 mile mark – Hell, I’m already to 3 and things feeling way better. And let’s face it, it will never be this cool again outside in soflo so might as well do this 10 miler now.

4 mile mark – Definitely going to the 5. I’ve got my cell phone on my arm. If I can’t make it back I’m calling for a ride. Thank god for caffeinated GU Chomps.

5 mile mark – I smell someone cooking bacon. Lucky bastards.

6 mile mark – Forgot my chapstick again. When will I learn?!

7 mile mark – What time is it? This is getting boring.

8 mile mark – Nothing alleviates boredom like major knee pain. Nice.

9 mile mark – This is the run that never ennnnnds… it just goes on and on my friennnnnnds….

10 mile mark – VICTORY!!!

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