Why Taking A Break Is A Bad Idea

It sounded good at the time. I had logged a few 10 mile runs so the half marathon seemed in the bag. Is that what happened? The challenge went away so I was over it?

That wasn’t the entire reason. Work obligations kept me from running for 2 weeks. The problem is… I started my break from running the week before that started. Three weeks. I’m ashamed to even say it. The good news though is that I dropped 10 lbs during my break. Like I said, I was pretty busy. No time to run or eat really. However that recipe is not one that cooks up a marathon runner. And yesterday that was confirmed.

Two miles. That’s all I could do. I went from 10 mile runs to about dying on a 2 mile run. Serves me right? This is what I get for taking 3 weeks off right before a race? Ok ok, maybe I deserve it. But I just needed that week off exactly when I took it. You can’t always plan the breaks that your body needs. And the following 2 weeks couldn’t be helped. Now it’s all about damage control.

Tomorrow before the sun comes out I’ll be readying my gear to head out on a 10 miler. It’s far too early to be running, in my opinion, but when the temperature in south Florida is going to dip down to 64 degrees, you have to take advantage of that. I hope that my strategy of “slower and steadier” works and yesterday was a weird fluke. I also hope that random pain on the top of my knee cap is also a fluke… a fluke that has happened twice now.

Three weeks til race day. Can I get back up to par? Tomorrow will answer that in a big way.

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