Researching Runner’s Diet – AKA Hours I Will Never Get Back

What. A. Waste. Of. Time.

Basically the scoop is that every single runner out there, to include the pros, does something drastically different. And everyone swears by what they do. And the experts give such vague, noncommittal advice so as to help everyone, they thereby help no one.

Ryan Hall doesn’t “eat” before a race, he says. He drinks this ratio of protein and fast acting carb shake. Kara Goucher does the traditional bagel and peanut butter thing, after stating that shakes and specialty drinks didn’t work for her. Forum after forum has as many people saying they DON’T add calories for more mileage as they have people who say they DO. Each side exclaims the other is crazy. Experts reply to dieting runners with the overused “On race day, just eat what you’ve always been eating before long runs.” Oh yeah, pal? Well I’ve been eating candy corns and Doritos. Keep going with that? That’s your advice?

Runner’s World Mag wrote that Meb K. says his wife doesn’t think he eats enough but that he’s worried about his age related weight gain affecting his runs. It seems everyone has this on the brain. That was a bit of consolation after a fruitless search. Even Meb doesn’t know how to attack the problem. ‘Course the man seems to be doing pretty darn well, whereas I’m one month of no-progress away from hiring a team of experts to help me tackle this problem.

I’m gonna say it again… I never had this problem in my 20’s. I ran. Weight came off. I put one toe into 30’s and all hell breaks loose on my body.

I’m gonna keep on keepin’ on with this egg white/oatmeal/lean meats/steamed veggie thing another month and then take stock. And if me not touching a piece of candy corn in the month of October isn’t a testament to my dedication, I don’t know what is.

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