Redoing Races Or Moving On?

Sometimes it’s fun to redo a race. Especially if it’s your hometown race or maybe even a destination race that you do year after year with your friends. But other times you think to yourself – didn’t I just do this one?

Unless it’s a destination like NYC or Paris or something, you start wondering if it’s worth it to spend the race entry, the flight money, and your hard earned leave to go to just another beautiful, but boring, destination race that you’ve already done before. Most people don’t have unlimited funds and time to jet around every month to a different race, and I’m one of those people. Already, in the next 3 months, I have 2 destination races that are going to be fairly costly. So the question is – do I add on another one 3 months after that when I’ve already done this one before?

On one hand, it would be great to go back and see old friends whom I haven’t seen in a while and do the race together. Nothing beats running with your old buds. On the other hand, I’m really eying Marine Corps and Chicago Marathons this year, as well as another Disney half (*sigh* I can’t say no to the kids and spouse), and probably 2-3 more halfs around the Florida. It’s already adding up. The difference is these will all be new races for me. The other one won’t. It’s a tough call. Already thought about asking the friends to do one of these destination ones with me and do the two birds one stone thing, but they all have families and jobs too and it’s getting harder and harder for people to get away. Plus, I’m the only one who lives out of state whereas all the rest of them are right there.

Probably going to wait until the last minute with this one. Typical. Race entries don’t sell out that quickly on that one so there is plenty of time to stall and stall and stall and then pay the late entry fee and show up like I know I’m going to do despite all my wish-washing on the subject.


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