Weight Loss And Distance Running

I need Meb and Ryan and Kara and Shalane to post their exact weekly mileage AND calorie count. Because I don’t get this. I’m increasing my miles but not losing any weight. As a distance runner, being slim is paramount in lowering your run time. You gotta be light on your feet.

Well for some reason it isn’t working. I downloaded a weight loss app (LoseIt) that tells you how much to eat for your activity level and weight loss goal. It seemed legit. Fairly low daily calories, taking into account run mileage and pace but this past month – nuthin. What gives? Whadaya gotta do to lose some weight when you’re logging 10+ mile runs at a time?! It’s not like I’m knocking back beer and pizza. Heck, I’m not even knocking back whole grain rice! I’m talkin oatmeal and egg whites here.

So what do the greats do? It’s got to be on the internet somewhere. What do these guys eat?! If they run 20 miles one day, how many calories do they eat? I need specifics here. Are they just gnawing on ice cubes between 3 squares a day?

While I’m digging up the answer, I’m going to knock the calories down even lower. It seems to defy logic but I’m pretty desperate to drop excess pounds before the race. Plus, I’m just plain angry about it. Hopefully my body will still respond on long runs with a couple of well timed GU packets even if I’ve been lowering my daily calories all week long. Yeah…. I don’t believe it will either.

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