Low Calorie Running

How much does an Olympic marathoner eat? I don’t know, but I’m starting to realize it ain’t much. You always figure these guys camp out at Five Guys and spend their days eating bags of french fries but turns out that’s wrong. At least for Meb.

Watched this video on a “day in the life” of Meb Keflezighi before he ran the Olympic marathon and I was struck by his diet of all things. At one point he sat down with this plate of meat protein and a small side salad with nuts and berries in it. It wasn’t like he was pulling up to a trough crammed with pounds of healthy salad and protein either. No, it was a very normal/smallish serving of food that he calmly ate while making a brief reference to it being healthy for his training. Here’s another article from Competitor on his diet. He says he can’t eat as much as he used to because his metabolism has changed and because he needs to stay light to stay fast.

Well jeez Meb, what an understatement! We can all see that a dark green salad, fruit, healthy nuts, and protein is the perfect meal. But I guess I expected a man who ran 100+ miles a week to, I dunno, be eating a giant plate of pasta for every meal. Here I am running, ohhhh, 10 miles a week (hey, I’m recovering from injury here remember) and I’m sitting down to giant plates of Caprese doused in olive oil and telling myself that it’s healthy and I can afford the calories. Uh, wrong. If Meb is eating 4 1/2 almonds, 6 blueberries, and 3 oz of salmon, then I can’t be eating 5 sushi rolls in a single meal just because it’s healthier than Doritos.

Fine tuning running calories is so difficult. I don’t want to be a slave to calorie counting and stop before every meal to load numbers into a diet app to make sure I’m good. But, on the other hand, I’ve got some lofty goals and it’s gonna take more precision on my part to get there.

Meb eating Krave

Meb eating Krave… which is really good btw

Kinda wondering how many other runners out there are focused on their diets. Anyone else looking to drop pounds to drop minutes?

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