How To Unsafely Increase Your Mileage – by The Running Idiot

This would be the title of my running book if I ever penned one. How is it you can know what NOT to do and yet you still do it? This is also a topic for my running therapist, the one I’ve always said I needed to get.

Ok, so I maaay have increased my weekly mileage by 40% this past week. I KNOW everyone says only increase mileage by 10% a week but that doesn’t apply to me. I am special, right? What they meant was for old, fat, or beginner runners to increase by 10%. Everyone else can run whatever they want because running rules don’t apply to them. Yeah, that’s it.

Or maybe not. Because I’m hurting. The ol’ IT Band has reared its ugly head and now I’m forced to sit out a few days. Definitely feels like over training. Oh, and my surgery incision has also become painful too.

What is all this about? Is it all over training or is it because I’m not stretching enough or properly? I was thinking about picking up the book by Lewis Maharam “Running Doc’s Guide to Healthy Running” but, I dunno. To pick that up means to admit I have a problem and I’m not ready to do that yet. Maybe this is just the pain of getting back into shape? You know, no pain, no gain?  What are some sutures tearing? Just a flesh wound, right?

Um, just out of curiosity though… anyone read that book? Worth getting or no?

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