The Running Drug

I’m getting addicted to running. This is a 180 from my last post. It’s like a switch was flipped in my head. The old me is coming back.

Running can be quite the drug. It can get addictive. It can make you feel good with all the endorphins it produces. You can start to crave it. Ok, according to these criteria, salt and vinegar chips can also be a drug. But my point is that running is a powerful thing but becoming obsessed with it again feels like a good thing.

I want to get out there and do my long run mileage every day now. But that’s the surest way to an injury isn’t it? I’m still post recovery. But starting slow is infuriating! I want to get out there and log miles and miles and miles! It makes me feel better. The job stress, the kid stress, the sleepless nights, they start to take a toll. But ever since I started running again, it has started to melt away. All of a sudden the toddler using yogurt as hair gel is seen as creative and ingenious and not an imp and bringer of destruction.

It’s all because of the running drug. The running drug makes everything better. Cures all kind of mental fatigue. Blows away stress. Rids the body of toxic hate (more on that in coming post). Now that’s gotta be at least one reason to get you out the door. Try it for a few weeks. You’re going to feel better than ever. Take it from someone who is kind of a running grouch.



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