Running Of The Bulls – The Last True Motivator

I feel like I’ve lost my running spark. Only a few days ago I had one of my greatest runs and now I’m sitting here thinking about running like I think about oatmeal (“*sigh*… whatever…”).

My race is 3 months away. It may as well be next year when you’re trying to get through every day, pulling motivation out of thin air. Sure, some days the race motivates me to step up my pace or even just get out there. But on other days I just don’t care. It’s too vague a motivation. Too far away. So what do I use now? I’m bored again. My mind is bored out there. I need something for my mind to chew on. Any suggestions? Do most people just go out for their runs in a peaceful and satisfied way and I’m the freak who over thinks things?

It just feels like I need something else besides anger and compulsive thoughts getting me through my runs. And no, I can’t just run for running’s sake. It’s just not me. The same way yoga is just not me. I need reasons and objectives and plans and competition and purpose. You know, like in Pamplona with the bulls. That’s my type of running! Running for a purpose! Nobody is NOT going to make their PR time with a bunch of bulls chasing them down a closed alley. And nobody is out there now going “Yeah, I know I signed up for that Pamplona thing, but I dunno… I’m just not feelin like training to outrun bulls that can gore me to death today.”

New Goal:  FIND MORE MOTIVATORS! Or find some bulls.

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