Sleep Conquers All

How can your best run of the year come after a night of drinking and junk eating? Answer: SLEEP!

Spouse and I had rare date night which included a couple drinks. And by that I mean exactly 2 drinks for myself. But when you’re not used to drinking, that’s all it takes to make you feel sick in the morning. However that morning didn’t come for 6 blissful hours of uninterrupted sleep! My loving spouse took kid duty and let me sleep in. And, yes, while I’m eternally grateful, it’s not lost on me that “sleeping in” used to mean getting 10-12 hours of sleep after a night on the town. Welcome to parenthood.

When I woke up, I felt hungover. Ah yes, there’s the reason I don’t ever drink. I got up, grabbed a glass of water, a Coke, and a cup of coffee and tried to repair the damage. It was long run day too. Did my night of excess ruin that for me? Could I still get out there like this? I never get a chance to run in the mornings. I had to go for it.

Most amazing run ever. Everything felt right. It was the ever elusive “perfect run” that every runner lives for. Nothing bothered me. Not my gear (switched to different headsets… again). Not my injuries. Not my hangover. It was a miracle! I felt so good that I added another mile to my already “long” 3 mile run. This is all post operative recovery so this was pretty huge. So how was all of this possible? Sleep. There is just no substitute for letting your body recover through sleep. You can destroy your body in so many ways (beer and fried food anyone?) but if you get some sleep, all sins are forgiven.

Coke, water and coffee worked out pretty well pre run too. Coincidence or new pre race fuel?

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