Ahhh… Smoke Filled Memories

As I was running through smoke the other day in lovely southern Florida, I was reminiscing about some great runs I’ve had in the fall in the northeast, when people start up their fire places to stay warm and you smell the chimneys in the chill autumn air. Oh yeah, I was using all my mental powers of positive thinking alright. Because my first thought was – F— FLORIDA!!! I’m on the frickin water in frickin “paradise” and I’m running through SMOKE?!!! Are you kidding me?!!!

That’s when I went to my happy place and thought, if I smelled smoke on a run in the fall in the good ol’ northeast, I’d be in a great mood and I’d probably shave minutes off each mile with the happy spring in my step. I used that tactic to get through a mile of smoke. It worked. Sorta.

In my defense, this is the 3rd run I’ve been on where smoke has been an issue. Add that on top of the bugs, the enormous bobcats (think Great Danes here), the snakes, the lightening storms… well, ok, maybe I’m a bit of a running diva. This ain’t downtown Detroit after all. Guess I’m just missing the northeast running, where smelling smoke on a run brings to mind chestnuts on an open fire… instead of a Survivorman episode where smoke is used to keep away swarms of mosquitoes (this means you, Florida).

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