Three Miles Is Stupid… But So Is 13?

Been in a bad mood about only running 3 miles at a time. Always seemed like a waste to me before. Never left the house for less than 5. But now as I run 3 each time I go out, trying to get back into shape, I’m thinking 3 isn’t stupid… 13 is stupid!

My runs are going well but, after the end of each run, I think about how it would feel to add another 10 miles. That’s what I have to do in 3 months at the Disney half. And I gotta tell ya, it’s feeling like a world away from my abilities now.

Kind of noticing myself becoming a grumpy runner. Annoyed that I’m only doing 3 mile runs. Annoyed that I’m struggling at 3 mile runs. Annoyed at beer can on my path (A can of Michelob Ultra. Seriously who drinks that? My granny drinks that.) Annoyed at not fitting into my old run clothes. Annoyed that left ear phone feels different than right ear phone. Annoyed that I spend my whole run thinking of all of the above.

Hopefully this is just a phase. Does every runner go through this? Mood affectation by mileage? At this rate I’m going to be in a bad mood for a while.

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