Ungrateful Runner Karma

Ever have those days when nothing about your run goes right and all of a sudden you’re in the worst mood ever? Headsets crapped out mid run, watch wasn’t charged and stopped 3 minutes in, air outside smelled of smoke, and of course bugs were out in full biting force.

I finished that run in a wicked mood and thought to myself, that was the shittiest run ever! Wah wah wah, my headsets are broken! Talk about being ungrateful for what I did have going for me. Because that’s not a bad run, is it? That’s just minor stuff. That’s what I realized the next day when I took 5 steps out the door and then got a shooting, stabbing pain in my arch that stopped me dead in my tracks. And I got scared.

Thankfully, it feels better today. Just a random freak occurrence. Not helped by the fact that I’m always racing out the door and not paying attention to stride or anything at all because I’m in this crazed blitz to fit my run into my busy life.

Today I went out with a better attitude. I slowed down, paid attention, and above all I was grateful for all the things that were going right for me – my good post operative recovery, my great (new) headsets, my overall injury-free body, and my wonderful family who are healthy and happy and afford me such a great hobby. And guess what? I did my longest run yet, injury-free, good pace, and lesson learned.

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