Excuses By The Numbers

Just a little list to shame me, but also to help me see what’s holding me back.

1.  Got less than 3 hours of sleep

2.  Injury flaring up again

3.  Environmental issues (rain, BUGS!)

4.  Scheduling conflicts with the spouse (my turn to watch the kids)

5.  Playlist sucks

6.  Too late at night (dark outside, gym closed)

7.  Unmotivated

8.  Forgot to hydrate – at all

9.  Traveling out of state

10.  Sore from previous run

Wouldn’t it be great if #10 was my most used excuse? Sadly, no. This pretty much goes in order of most to least used…. falling heavily on #1 these days. Gone are the days when #7 was my biggest excuse. Short of winning the lottery, I don’t think #1 is going to change much, so what do I do? Injuries get better. Weather clears up. Motivations ebb and flow. But this sleep thing is impossible to fix right now. Wait it out? I dunno, I’m pretty sure my days of sleeping more than 3 hours a night are gone forever… out the door along with my dreams of Chicago, Marine Corps, NYC…

Ahhh, I smell coffee brewing…. Another long night ahead. Another X for missed run on my training log.

Chance of being prepared for Disney half – 75%

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