Good Excuses Are Still Excuses

I skipped my run the other day. I had a good excuse though. Or I thought I did, until the day after, and then my “good excuse” just looked like any other pathetic excuse. There’s always some valid reason not to run isn’t there? Always something that seems insurmountable and justified at the time. But 99% of the time you look back and go, I didn’t run because of that?!

In my case it was lack of sleep. MAJOR lack of sleep. I think I was on my 3rd day of 2-3 hours of sleep. It caught up with me in a big way. So I bailed.

Like I said, it felt valid at the time. But I’ve had this same inner argument with myself for years. If you wait til you feel rested, you’re never going to run. Every parent is tired but they still get out there. Is Kara Goucher isn’t making excuses about not running because of her baby? No, she sucked it up and made the Olympic marathon team. I bet she has a night nanny. Anyway, my point is – Did skipping my run make me feel less tired? No. Would having run have made me feel more tired? No. Is any of this self reflection and awareness going to get me out there today? …. I don’t know.

I can run on 4 hours of sleep. Two hours? Not so much. I’m flip flopping between feeling pathetic and using that pathetic-ness to motivate me to run and uncaring to the point that if someone opened fire around me right now I still wouldn’t run.

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