Racing Blind

I normally run races blind but last week I broke with tradition and started reading about the Disney half in my desperation to motivate myself. Bad idea.

I knew the race was at night. That’s their main selling point. But I didn’t know it was practically pitch black for half of the course. I signed on for running at night not running in the dark. No, I shouldn’t have assumed it was one in the same. This is Disney! They have lights at night like on the strip in Vegas don’t they? Ok, bad comparison but they’re both out for your money, right? Something about running in the dark just doesn’t work for me. Dark = sleep. Sun = run. Then I saw someone’s posted pictures of these Disney characters stationed at various miles. What the….?? Nobody mentioned anything about giant chipmunks during registration. This is when I stopped researching.

Some of the best races I’ve run have been where I signed up last minute or signed up for a friend and didn’t bother to look into what I signed up for. You don’t spend the first 6 miles dreading the “evil hill at mile 7” because you don’t know it’s there. Instead of hitting your wall at mile 10 you spend that time wondering how the hell you ended up in this pasture 3 feet away from giant cows (simultaneously realizing that cows scare me and that I’ve been living in the city too long).

Surprises are good. Researching is not. My advice? Race Blind.

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