Playlist Must Die

I can’t take it anymore! My playlist must die! I spent the entire run skipping song after song after song. I don’t think I listened to a whole one through. I had swarms of gnats kamikaze-ing into my face the entire run and it still didn’t rival the annoyance of what was on my iPod. I once read a Runner’s World poll that said something like 80% of runners prefer to run without iPods. Who the hell are these people?! Ok, I run races without an iPod but that’s because, well, race etiquette dictates it and I’ve just gotten used to it. But training runs need playlists!

I looked into those satellite radio MP3s but the reviews weren’t good. Lots of stuff about losing signals. There goes that idea. So yet again I’m driven to desperate measures and will have to devote hours of my time searching iTunes to find fast tempo songs that I can train with. I knew this would happen but I thought I had more time. It’s not that I don’t have good songs already in my arsenal. I do. It’s just when you’ve heard a good song a million times, it’s just as worthless as a bad song.

Additionally, my GPS watch was annoying me, my ear buds were annoying me, and my stupid laces were annoying me. But no… the problem isn’t me.

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