My Playlist Sucks

I’m not one of those runners who likes to be alone with his own thoughts. I want music blaring in my ear, preferably fast paced music that will get my ass moving. A bad playlist, or an old playlist, will ruin my run (and my mood). I won’t even go out there without a decent playlist. I hate that a stupid playlist has such power over my runs. Forget injury. Forget watch malfunctions. Forget lightening strikes. A crappy playlist is the biggest pain in the ass of them all.

I’ve tried it all, from dumping a ton of money into iTunes to get new music to downloading audio books in my more desperate moments. The thing with iTunes though is it’s so time consuming. And it seems like all the highlighted songs are the ones they play ad nauseam on the radio all day that you can’t stand to listen to anymore. And when you eliminate all the songs that don’t have a fast enough tempo, you have even less options.

So what do you do? I have no idea. This isn’t a post about me having an answer. This is a post about me bitching about how my playlist sucks and I’m probably 2 runs away from getting so annoyed that I can’t get out there. I need new songs!!

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