Strength in Numbers: The Art of Coercing Your Friends To Race

Running is a solitary hobby for the most part. So why ruin that and bring other people into the mix? I’ll tell you why. Pure malice. Yes, I want others to share in my pre and post race anxiety and pain. There’s nothing so comical and enjoyable to me than to enlist friends and family to race and to have a good shared laugh in their misery. (It is shared, right?)

Here are some of my favorite lines of coercion and misrepresentation…

“Don’t worry, race entry is refundable if you feel like you can’t do it.”

“Oh yeah, TONS of cute guys/chicks are gonna be there.”

“I’m pretty sure iPods are allowed and even encouraged.”

“Aren’t you turning 30 this year?… Oh, no reason. I just thought I remembered you saying you wanted to get in shape.”

“Yeah, you can eat as much as you want and still lose a ton of weight training for a half marathon!”

“Of course we’ll be running the whole way together.”

“I think it starts at 9am. Where did you hear 6 o’clock?… No, that’s crazy.” *fingers crossed*

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