Spousal Support

Nothing like the loving support of your spouse to make you second guess yourself and want to quit. They’re either begging you to blow off a run, stay home and hang out or they’re telling you something to make you hesitate on your plans. Here’s lookin’ at you honey. xoxo

Every runner knows that the mental aspect of running is almost as critical as the physical. I never really have mental hurdles to deal with in races because it’s pointless isn’t it? You sign up for a race, get herded to the start line and forced along a path that at no point takes you by your car. What the hell else are you going to do? You HAVE to finish or else you can’t get home. Again, pretty clear cut. But training runs are different. On training runs you CAN quit and go home. In fact, you don’t even have to show up. There’s no money riding on that training run. Nobody’s expecting you there. Those are the times when you have to deal with the runner’s angel and devil on your shoulders. But right beside the devil sits your spouse, giving him a high five.

Yesterday’s classic example:

Me:  Oh my god, is that a storm coming?! I have to do my run! Do you think I have time?! Where’s my iPod?! Where’s my watch?! What happened to my other sock?!!

Spouse:  I dunno, that thunderhead looks pretty close. Here, let me look…. ah… Yeah, take a look at the radar. That thing is coming right for us. You see, here’s us and there’s that massive storm and…

Me:  Stop showing me that!! I asked what you THINK! Do you THINK I have time to get out there or not?! Oh forget it! I’m going!  F— this watch! Why doesn’t it ever latch up right?!!! ARRGH!! *digging for socks in pile of clothes from dryer*

Spouse:  Did you know that Florida is the lightening strike capital of the world?

Me:  WHAT?! What do you mean???

Spouse:  Well, what I mean is that, in all of the world, the one place where the lightening strikes the most….

Me:  I KNOW WHAT YOU SAID!! I meant why are you telling me this NOW?! What’s your POINT?!! …. FORGET IT! I’m going!!!

Who needs an injury when you have a spouse that can keep you just as grounded? 😉

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