To Race Or Not To Race…

Debating whether I can get my mileage up fast enough, post recuperation, to do this race in November. Ideally there would be a half marathon going on over Thanksgiving around where I live, but that’s never the case. Why are all Thanksgiving races just 5ks? Seriously, who wants to get out of bed on Thanksgiving morning just to run 3 miles? That’s stupid. Bare minimum distance to warrant waking up early to race is 13 miles. Which brings me back to this Disney race. It starts at 10pm and apparently drops you right at Epcot for finish line festivities that supposedly center around alcohol instead of bananas and Gatorade. Yes, it’s Disney. Not exactly the most hard-core of comeback races but that’s how it goes. You have to work with what falls into your schedule.

So can I do this or not? It’s gonna cost over $170 to bet on myself. Disney doesn’t f— around with race entry fees apparently. Non-refundable. Of course. Only, unlike other races benefiting cancer or something, you can’t shrug off a no-show with “Oh well, at least I donated to cancer research.” No, you’re just “donating” $170 to other runners to get plastered post-race courtesy of your payment and failure. Nice. But it’s starting to fill up sooooo… what do I do?

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