Best Laid Schedules

Anyone else out there obsess over their run schedules/logs? I can’t even run right now and I’m looking at my run calendar at least 5x a day. It somehow makes me feel better. Even at work I keep a little slip of paper with a roughly drawn calendar of the month’s runs under my keyboard. I sneak peeks throughout the day and think about the distance I will be covering at the end of the month. It got to be a joke with my colleagues how I would be bent over this little scrap of paper, soundlessly counting off miles and days and jotting down notes. Usually those “notes” would be me crossing off a run day with a black X to indicate that I failed to do that run because I succumbed to the pressures of attending happy hour instead. Does anybody do 100% of their scheduled runs before a race anyway? I don’t think I’ve ever done more than 70%. Life happens, right?

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