My Doctor’s Not A Runner

I go in to see the doctor to get the go ahead to start running again, and the guy has the nerve to tell me to hold off for another 3 weeks. This is unacceptable! I didn’t go in there for that! I want my money back. And I want a list of doctors who are going to tell me I’m cleared to run immediately. I want a doctor who is a runner!

I don’t think a lot of doctors understand running. You go in there with an ear injury – they tell you to lay off running. You tell them that your jaw hurts – hmmm, you should probably stop running. Sneezing a lot? – might want to forgo running for the next 6 months… just in case. This is BS! Ok, granted I have a, ahhh, slightly more severe injury than those. But still, can’t I just go by instinct on this one? My instinct is telling me I should run. Doesn’t this guy realize I have a race in November? Three weeks matter when I’m this out of shape.

So the plan is this… I’ll compromise. I’ll wait a week. Then I’ll lightly jog. Hey, the man didn’t say to hold off on jogging did he? There. Problem solved. In fact, now there IS no problem!

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